Cracking isn’t a word that is usually correlated with paint. But, cracking paint is a typical issue and it is possibly caused by several reasons. If you happen to have a cracking painting within your home or you simply want to prevent further cracking to happen in your paint, it might be great if you learn more about the most typical reasons why cracking paint occurs. We have listed below some of the probable reasons:

Not prepared well

It is important to take your time preparing for your surface to be painted. This aids in making sure that the paint will stick and it also aids to stop your paint from cracking in the near future. Prepping your surface properly to be painted might include cleaning the surface well, sanding the surface down, stripping away damaged or peeling paint, filling in dents and dings, and surface priming.

Too much or too little paint

Using the exact amount of surface paint is as important as preparing the surface to be painted. Using too much or too little paint could result in your paint to crack quite sooner. The greatest method is to apply even and thin layers of paint on your surface. To achieve the perfect surface finish you can add paint layers to the surface without applying too much or too little paint.

Low adhesion

If your paint has poor adhesion to the surface, it might be prone to cracking and peeling. One of the major reasons why the paint cannot adhere well might be due to the surface that’s not prepped properly, the wrong kind of paint used for the surface, or maybe because it is too humid or cold.

Low-quality and cheaper paint

Other people consider the price as the key role in choosing the paint they will utilize. However, cheaper paint does not necessarily mean that they can equate to those expensive paints in terms of quality. Low-quality or cheap paints might peel or crack easier and faster and have a shorter lifespan compared to those high-quality paint. To guarantee the quality of the paint for your project, you should do some research about the brand that you’ll be choosing to use.

Aging paint

Ultimately, as your paint becomes old, it would naturally start cracking. This only means that the paint is at the peak of its life and it should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent further implications and to make it look as good as new. This is definitely a must to improve the look of your interior or your home in general, especially if you are planning to place your house in the market or you just want to do a home improvement.

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